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Did You Know Flowers Have Secret Language?

We didn’t but Dr Heather Whitney who is a molecular biologist by training surely had some ideas about it. In this spectacular Ted X Talk she hopes to show that plants are much more sneaky than is usually suspected — they have to do everything that animals do (from finding a mate to coping with predators) […]

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How did cactus become the one of the most popular plants of the 21st century?

Cacti are one of the favorite decorative plants of today, but also motives for designers and artists. Candles, glasses, expensive bracelets, even condoms! There isn’t an object today that hasn’t been made in the shape of cactus!   Is cactus one of the most popular plants of today and why? Who could answer better then […]

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Bonsai Trees – The Beauty of Eastern Art

Bonsai, in Latin Ilex Crenata is a plant that can have different siyes. The height varies depending of the type of bonsai, so big bonsai is 45-46 cm tall, while small bonsai is under 13 cm tall. Bonsai is exceptional art of shaping and cultivating small trees in flowerpots. For more than a thousand years […]

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