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How to Effectively Grow Medical Marijuana – Gardener’s Shop

How to Effectively Grow Medical Marijuana

Growing marijuana isn’t as simple as growing herbs in the garden, at least if quality is of concern. Although growing marijuana isn’t always simple, it is a process that anyone with a genuine interest in learning can do with ease. Growing your own marijuana offers exciting benefits that you dont get when shopping at or other local pharmacies. Read below to learn how to grow your own marijuana from Green Panther with the proper marijuana growth techniques needed for success.

The Seeds Matter

A successful marijuana grow begins with good seeds. Do not attempt to use seeds that has came out of marijuana that you have already used. Although these seeds will grow, they usually will not bud or sprouts, so you’ve put in a lot of time and effort for nothing. Choose high-quality seeds from a recommended, high-quality grower. Although you’ll pay a little bit of money for the seats, it is a minimal amount, and is very much worth the money.

Start With Good Soil

Marijuana growth requires good soil in order for success. Organic soil is preferred by many cannabis Growers, and this may be something you wish to use as well. Take the time to compare your soil options and select a product that has a good reputation. Good soil is the start of great marijuana plants ahead.

Along with good soil, make sure that you have all of the proper nutrients that marijuana needs to thrive. Again, many Growers prefer to use organic nutrients and this might be something that you prefer as well. The  the nutrients and the additives that you add to the marijuana will help it grow to its fullest potential.

Lights & a Safe Spot

You’re going to need grow lights if you plan to grow marijuana indoors. Fluorescent grow lights are best because the provide the adequate light that is needed to heat the plants successfully. Choose high quality lights for best results and growth of the marijuana. Make sure that you keep the plants in one spot for the majority of the time. So, if you grow them inside, use the grow lights and don’t expose the plants to sunlight. If you grow outdoors, bring them inside slowly. Choose quality containers in which to grow the marijuana, whether you are growing inside or out.

The Right Steps to Successful Marijuana Growth

There are several important steps that you must complete when growing marijuana if you want to get results. There are grow books available for sale and online that can give detailed information about the appropriate times to complete each step and the ways to determine if the marijuana plant is progressing at a proper growth rate. It is important to take advantage of this information. For now, here’s a few things that you should know:


  • After marijuana plants have sprouted and grown for 4 to 6 weeks, transporting the small plants into larger contains is necessary. You’ll do this again in about another month when they grow to lavish six and complete their life cycle.
  • Use humidity and temperature gages to ensure proper temperature and humidity levels of the plants. This is vital for their growth, particularly when cultivating plants indoors. Humidity levels below 50% are ideal for beset marijuana plants. Temperatures ranging between 69 F and 79 F are best for growth of the plants.
  • The room that you choose to grow cannabis in should have good airflow, provide at least some natural sunlight to the plants, and also have good ventilation so that the marijuana plants can breath and grow. Many growers use exhaust fans to ensure their plants receive adequate ventilation, but this is a decision up to you to make after weighing pros and cons.
  • Timing is everything when growing marijuana, whether you are trimming buds, moving it from one container to another, harvesting, or something else. Even one day off can mess up the entire grow operation. Learn when it is time to move the plants by self-identification so not to make any mistakes.

Final Thoughts

With new marijuana laws changing the behavior of marijuana enthusiasts around the country, growing weed is something that an abundance of people are doing. If you are ready to be the next to grow your own herb, you can be successful at it if you put forth the efforts needed to succeed. Start with the information above, and continue learning as much information as possible about growing marijuana. When the day is done, you’ll be happy and pleasantly surprised with the plants that you grow.

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