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How To Build Flowerpot From Old Car Tires? – Gardener’s Shop

How To Build Flowerpot From Old Car Tires?

You must have wondered at least once what to do with old car tires. Throw them away? Why would we do that, if we have a garden that we would like to decorate. There are many interesting ideas on how to decorate your garden by using flowerpots made of tires.

Decoration of our garden can really be fantastic by putting some effort and with some imagination. We will help the environment and at the same time we will make our garden look better. We will use our old car tires as flowerpots. Building flowerpots from car tires isn’t that hard, and it is quite interesting also. You can create really interesting flowerpots that will make your garden even more awesome.


All we need to start building is one old car tire. If we do not have any, we can go to any car shop and ask them to give us any old car tires they were about to throw away. First what needs to be done is cutting. For cutting you could use a strong knife or a small saw. After creating a desired shape we go further to painting the tire.


After getting old tires, we should prepare the tool for cutting, some geotextile, and of course some high quality flower soil.

Once we prepared everything we will start by removing the sides of the tire. It is simple we will create a whole with a knife where we will insert the saw afterwards.

So we use the saw to cut round the tire. We will remove only one side so the other side will be a foundation for the geo textile and hold the soil once we lay the flowerpot.

We will put geotextile inside the tire, the textile holds the soil and eventually our plant. After putting in the geo textile we should than choose a post where our car tire flowerpot will be located, because the tire will be weighing too much for location change after we add the soil.

For different shapes and colors we can use our imagination.

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