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How did cactus become the one of the most popular plants of the 21st century? – Gardener’s Shop

How did cactus become the one of the most popular plants of the 21st century?

Cacti are one of the favorite decorative plants of today, but also motives for designers and artists.

Candles, glasses, expensive bracelets, even condoms! There isn’t an object today that hasn’t been made in the shape of cactus!


Is cactus one of the most popular plants of today and why?

Who could answer better then Jeanelle Leone, the owner of the first cacti boutique in London, opened in summer of 2016.

“The highest demand is for big cactus plants, and every weekend I sell at least one, although that kind of cactus costs at least 350 pounds” – discovers Jeanelle to the Guardian. “Cacti are suitable for younger generations, that want to work less and gain more.”


According to the words of this London gardener, cacti are also famous for their good photos. As we live in era of Instagram and Pinterest, it seems that absolute imperative to have at least few plants that look good on photos. Believe it or not, Pinterest pages with topics such as Plants on Pink, have fore than 10 million followers.

Since she fell in love with cacti, Jeanelle has visited multiple hit destinations on the world suitable for growing these stingy beauties and met other cacti fans. Her colleague Carlos Morera from California considers himself a new generation of fans and a cacti dealer. “Many cacti species are nowadays protected”, he reminds, and on the main London Airport – The Heathrow, more than 10 percent of confiscated plants are cactus plants.

Both old and new cactus fans agree on one thing: With it’s sculptural beauty, beautiful flowers and resistance to outside factors, the cactus plants will survive all trends!

Have you been thinking on joining the cactus fans? You can put a cactus plant anywhere, in a flowerpot, in old cooking pot, or in any pot for that matter and in any room of your apartment or house, the possibilities are endless.

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