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Bonsai Trees – The Beauty of Eastern Art – Gardener’s Shop

Bonsai Trees – The Beauty of Eastern Art

Bonsai, in Latin Ilex Crenata is a plant that can have different siyes. The height varies depending of the type of bonsai, so big bonsai is 45-46 cm tall, while small bonsai is under 13 cm tall. Bonsai is exceptional art of shaping and cultivating small trees in flowerpots. For more than a thousand years this plant has been famous in Japan and Chine, while in Europe and North America it has gained popularity in the last 50 years. The essence of this art is to create miniatures from the same materials as the full grown tree is made off.

Bonsai has been seen for the first time in Europe on the world fair in Paris in 1900. It has also been on fairs in London and Dresden, and after the World War 2 it started its presence in America.

The most frequent types of bonsai tree are:

– Japanese Maple – it can be cultivated either in a garden or on a balcony. It likes morning and afternoon sun, but it shouldn’t be directly on the sun.
– Curved Pine Tree – loves sunlight. It needs to be rotated often so all parts of the tree gain light equally.

– Oak tree – very suitable of this type of art. There are English and White Oak available for bonsai.

– Sequoia – is also known as the biggest tree on earth, and that’s why it is impressive to see how it looks in as a miniature.


Cultivation of Bonsai


There are multiple ways for cultivating bonsai. It is possible to find naturally undeveloped tree in the mountains, but that requires quite the amount of luck. Whether we are planting it from scratch, or we have bought a young tree, bonsai shouldn’t be started prior to making sure we have a hard tree trunk. We will very precisely control its growth, especially if we grow it from the seed. In order to plant bonsai we must first choose a good pot for it. According to the tradition the tree with the upright trunk should be planted a little away from the middle of the boxed pot, while the tree that grows with an angle should be planted in the middle of the rounded or boxed pot.

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