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Practical and Cheap Way for Growing Tomato – Gardener’s Shop

Practical and Cheap Way for Growing Tomato

How to grow your tomato from the its sprout? Here is some professional advice.

Sporuts are usually from 10 to 15 cm long and they can easily be used for growing your tomato further. From the part of the trunk that goes in the ground you need to remove the leaves that are near the trun in order to reduce the danger of exhausting the plant by transpiration.

During the first few days seedlings will barely be alive, but by constantly watering it with mild hot water it will remain alive and it will grow roots. The branches need to piqued in garden beds 10 by 10 or 12 by 1 cm. They can be cut or broken from already planted tomato where clean up  of sprout is done regular or they can be created in a special process.

The process goes like this: In the garden bed that already has 15-20 cm in height, we remove the tops from one part of the plants. Down below on the plants with removed tops the branches will start to grow. In this process every plant will form a bush of about 5-6 branches. Once they grow enough they are parted from the plant, all but one, and they are replanted in a special garden bed.


One remains on the plant in order to get a normal seed with developed central root. Replanting can be done by planting the branches in flowerpots or glasses, where it is important for substrate to be full of humus and send and to be watered regularly. During the first day or two the plant need to be in the shadows, that’s why cloudy weather is perfect for replanting.

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